Feb 27, 2020
Edward Estipona and Mikalee Byerman
"Just the Positive"

What if we could all be more successful with a simple trick? Science has repeatedly shown that we can make more money, boost our intelligence, improve our creativity and increase our energy all by simply training our brains to be more positive.  But what do we do when we live in a time when positivity can be hard to find? Our December speakers decided to create a resource — a website where visitors can celebrate local people and initiatives that are contributing to a better northern Nevada and world. Edward Estipona and Mikalee Byerman, who along with the Estipona Group team, founded a website called Just the Positive (www.justthepostive.com). They’ll discuss why and how they created the website, how the community can utilize and contribute to it and how seeking out positivity can ultimately make you more successful both personally and professionally.