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News from the Meeting, April   via Zoom:
Denny Williams (Meadows Bank) shared information about the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the requirements for a loan through the Payroll Protection Act.  All the loans are through banks, not the SBA, and it appears smaller local  & regional banks are the best positioned for smaller businesses. (Banks only make 1%, so it's not exactly a money-maker for them...)  Matt Thornton (US Bank) also shared information. Please call or text or email them for information and links. Joel Muller also has links to information. 
Speaking of Joel Muller, he contributed $25 towards Jonnie Pullman's bell for her technological savvy setting up the zoom meetings and presented her (remotely) with specific tools for her use, including WD-40, a wrench, screwdriver and a clamp (?). 
More for Joel:
Important for us to know:
We are looking for program ideas for our Zoom meetings (and after, of course.)  Please let us know if you have suggestions. One suggestion is for our members to share how Covid-19 is affecting their businesses and how they are coping.  Sound interesting?
- We are looking for hands-on service projects to take place after we are able to reassemble with normal ore even semi-normal social distances!  Suggestions so far include Food Bank, tree planting, Robinhood Park maintenance.  Do YOU have an idea??  Please let Adrienne know: athomle@msn.com or 763.438.2327 (m)
Important member News:
As reported earlier, John Howe (age 91) broke his hip.  He's now out of the hospital and recovering at Advanced Health Care on Kuenzli.  His direct telephone # is 775.470.7206.
Long-time member Bruce Krater is celebrating his 90th birthday on Wednesday, April 29th from 4:30 - 6:30!
Help celebrate Bruce’s 90th birthday by doing a fun drive-by , and include Doris, who just celebrated herself. The house will be decorated and hopefully Bruce will be sitting in the garage to wave to well wishers.  
2245 Silver Ridge Dr., Reno 
Wednesday, April 29th, 4:30 – 6:30
NEXT MEETING IS Thursty Thursday:  APRIL 30 AT 5:30 P.M. VIA ZOOM. Bring your favorite beverage to "share" Reminder and link will be sent before the meeting.
District Conference/Leadership Learning Assembly.  Jonnie and Bob will soon share how anyone, but especially incoming Board and Committee chair members can access the information via online learning.
All in person meetings at the Atlantis until further notice.
Although the District conference has been cancelled, our Area 8 will have the speech and music contests later in April or May, probably via zoom and video taped.  We will let you know--attending ore even watching these events is inspiring.
International Rotary Convention in Honolulu.
RSR Upcoming Events & Programs:
The RSR Board is having a conference call meeting Tuesday, April 28 @ 7:30 a.m.  If you are interested in participating, but are not on the Board, please let Prez. Kyle know and he will send you an invitation with the telephone number.
Keeping in touch is important, so let Bob Stewart (rotarystewart@gmail.com) or Jonnie (jonnie.pullman@gmail.com) know of any news so we can put in in the bulletin, which will continue on at least a weekly basis.
More Rotary News:
Achievement Beyond Obstacles is completing the evaluation process with paper/electronic applications.  Hopefully we will be able to either have speeches by the scholarship winners or videos of them.  These kids are amazing!
Surviving with Grace
Reach our to members we haven't heard from in a while.  Burnell Reliford is available to help anyone by "walking them through" how to connect to Zoom so everyone can attend our meetings.  You can attend via computer, smartphone, tablet or by a telephone call!  
In the good news category:
(fyi, one of the stories is about HSI, where Melany Denny, Lavonne Brooks and Merve Hickok work) 
Also, if you have resources or ideas to share that we could all use to survive this together, let Jonnie know to publish in the bulletin.  Especially when and where to get toilet paper, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes
NOTE:  If you have comments or suggestions, please email Jonnie Pullman  jonnie.pullman@gmail.com   
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