From the meeting June 18
Dave Behling introduced his accomplished brother Marshall (our speaker) and 14 other family members and friends who attended virtually.  Marshall was an official member of the unofficial fraternity of Pi Omega Tau (you figure it out) at UNR during the glory days when pranks were semi-accommodated.  These will not be repeated here.
Marshall shared the tale of his experience developing a highly successful product, Astral-Tune (sic), which paved the way for the Sony Walkman.  Sony was able to appropriate the idea due to bad patent advice from the family lawyer.  Reader alert: always pick the right kind of attorney.  Although Marshall "lost everything" due to SBA and personal loans used to develop the company, he expressed no regrets to the loss or the debauchery that ensued promoting the product.  Probably because of his many later successes.
He also shared information about helping develop and implement the security protocols for the secure socket lock (SSL) in 1974, which provides certificates between server and client on the internet.  One implementation is Veresign, which many Rotarians have used to virtually sign legal documents.  Marshall also clarified that while Al Gore may not have invented the internet, he definitely played a key role in obtaining funding for its commercialization.
Marshall is welcome back to RSR anytime, whether to regale us with more stories, or just to visit.  Thank you, Dave, for "securing" an informative and entertaining speaker.
 More about the meeting:
Press Clewe paid $25+$10 for his birthday and $10 for his anniversary + an additional $100 for his 50th anniversary on June 27 (and we gave Dolores a medal in a private ceremony)
RSR News

Our RYE student from Austria, Emily Haustein has arrived safely in Austria!

To get a glimpse of our Rotary Exchange Students in our District, take a look at the thank you video they filmed:



NEXT MEETING: July 9 AT 12:30 P.M. VIA ZOOM.    
How will the Bob and Jonnie tag team work?  We don't know either.  Tune in and find out about this and other pressing RSR questions...
Reno South Rotary is moving from the Atlantis to a new location, effective August 13.  Details to follow.  Until then meetings will continue on Zoom unless noted in this Bulletin.
RSR Update for Events & Programs:
July 2 - Dark in honor of our country's birthday!
July 9 - Unveiling of Prez's Bob and Jonnie's Rotary year!   
August 8 - Annual RSR Picnic at Burnt Cedar Beach, Lake Tahoe. (Note the date change)
World Polio Day:  October 24, 2020.  Area 8 Clubs are working together to hold a joint event--put it on your calendar! 
Area 8 Foundation Dinner: November 20, Atlantis Resort and Casino.

Achievement Beyond Obstacles. RSR and 3 other local clubs, committed to 6 sponsors for our ABO high school grads.  Even though they didn't speak in person, they applied for scholarships and went through a lengthy process, for which each was awarded a stipend.  We will have taped speeches and/or interviews later in the year.  Please let Bob or Jonnie know if you are willing to sponsor one of our outstanding students for $100.  If we have six sponsors an anonymous RSR member will match the donations. 


Keeping in touch is important, so let Bob Stewart (rotarystewart@gmail.com) or Jonnie (jonnie.pullman@gmail.com) know of any news so we can put in in the bulletin, which will continue on at least a weekly basis.

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