January 12, 2020
January 9th Meeting
Professor  Bradley Summerhill
Soft Skills and the Workforce of the 21st Century.
Professor Bradley Summerhill, tenured professor in the English Department at TMCC, explained his theories of how higher education should be teaching students soft skills in order to better prepare them for the workplace of the future.
The "Information Society" will provide plenty of jobs for low wage workers where retirement becomes a fantasy and not a reality. AI and robots will replace many 20th century jobs and careers by the year 2033. Therefore, what to teach our kids becomes a key question for institutions of higher education since the average Generation Z student will have as many as 4 or 5 careers in their lifetime
Summerhill advocated that the purpose of a college education in the 21st century is not to learn hard skills, but rather for students to learn how to learn. Colleges and universities should be training students for jobs:
1. that require social intelligence;
2. that require creativity and clever solutions; and
3. where working is in an unpredictable environment.
Meeting News:
Sgt.-at-Arms: Ann Potts
Pledge of Allegiance: Matt Thornton
4-Way Test: Kent Wood
Thought of the Day: Jonnie Pullman
Welcome Table: Megan Reese
Rotary Moment: District 5190 is #41 in the world in giving to The Rotary Foundation and District 5190 is in the Top 5 of districts in Zone 27.
Announcements: Tax season is upon us, which means that our very own Megan will not be available to work the Welcome Table through the middle of April. We will, therefore, need volunteers from the club at the Welcome Table starting on January 23 and continuously through tax season.
Visiting Rotarians: Karin Hilgersom, President of TMCC and member of the Rotary Club of Sparks; and George Summerhill, Bradley's father and member of the Rotary Club of Sparks.
Fines/Recognition: Denny Williams contributed $100 in recognition of his Christmas camping trip to the Oregon coast with his son and daughter-in-law and for the purchase of a Jeep Wrangler to tow behind his new motor home.
Jason Morris paid a $50 fine for the Morris Family spread in the recent Caughlin Ranch Magazine of which his 14 year old daughter is not very happy. 
RSR Upcoming Events & Programs:
Jan 16, Caleb Cage - Desert Mementos, Stories of Iraq & NV: recipient of the NV Writers Hall of Fame Silver Pen shares his new book
Jan 23 - Dr. Bill Andrews of Sierra Sciences will share his latest work on "Curing Aging"
Jan 30 - Thirsty Thursday- more information later.
Additional Activities & Announcements
January 28th – Board Meeting at Jacks Coffee Shop. located at the northwest corner of  6th and Wells Streets. All are invited and welcome! 
January 30th – Thirsty Thursday.  Details provided soon.
January 31st - District 5190 Area 8 Foundation Dinner at Atlantis Casino and Spa. Guest speakers are Wyn Spiller on Foundation Opportunities and Diaz Dixon the Eddy House Executive Director. Both are excellent speakers.  Cost: $55.00 per person. This is an enjoyable and worthwhile event honoring our local donors and the good works of Rotary. We must have your response to the email invitation sent to you on January 10th with an RSVP no later than Friday, January 24th, and you must pay in advance at a weekly meeting of Reno South Rotary.
February 13th - Valentine's Day Luncheon.  Details provided later.
March 12th - Discovery Museum Tour. Dark at Atlantis at noon with more information later.
March 18th - Rotary Means Business hosted by High Sierra Industries. We will all want to attend to show our support for LaVonne, Melody, and Merve as hosts of the Area 8 Rotary function. This is a Wednesday
Member News:
Lynda Sanborn, wife of member and friend Pete, a great friend of Rotary passed away in December. Our thoughts and prayers are with our friend and fellow Rotarian Pete, who lost the love of his life of 44 years.
Jim and Barbara Muff are in Oregon, where Barbara is recovering from treatment for Stage 4 pancreatic cancer -- good news on the results, and they expect to be home soon.
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