About the Meeting 02-27-2020:
Edward Estipona and Mikalee Byerman
"Just the Positive"
Mikalee started off the presentation by encouraging each of us to start creating space for "good news" in our minds every morning. The first thing that 40%-60% of us do in the morning is to grab our cell phones where 83% of us either read emails, check a social media platform or check the news headlines. Three minutes of negative news headlines first thing in the morning can lead to 8 hours of grumpiness. If you practice positivity, it can lead to a "happiness advantage". 
Both Edward and Mikalee encouraged each of us to go to their justthepositive.com website where you can find:
  • People doing spectacular stuff
  • Stories that make us laugh or smile
  • Social causes and philanthropy
  • Things you can do to spread positivity
  • "Spotlight the Good" - Nominate someone who is making the world better and whose efforts should be recognized
  • Subscribe to their "High Five" newsletter where once a month you will receive five stories of people's positive contributions to the community 
More Meeting News
Sgt-at-Arms - Kyle Whaley
Pledge of Allegiance - Masih Madoni
4-Way Test - John Howe
Welcome Table - Bob Stewart

RSR Upcoming Events & Programs:
March 05 - Sabre Rubenstein on Healing Health Care. CAREVRx provides a fully immersive experience allowing patients to explore and interact with nature.
March 12 - Late afternoon meeting at the Discovery Museum.  Dark at noon. Meet at the museum no later than 4:00 pm
March 19 - REGL/RYLA/RYE Students share their experiences through participation in these Rotary Youth Programs
March 26 - Dr. Bill Andrews of Sierra Sciences
April 02 - Music Contest (tentative)
April 9 - Achievement Beyond Obstacles Luncheon - Come meet some AMAZING students. Hear their stories of overcoming difficult obstacles and their plans for the future.
April 16 - Laura Thorwarth, Regional Coordinator, U.S. Census Outreach
Additional Activities & Announcements
March 18 (Wednesday).  Rotary Means Business convenes at High Sierra Industries - 555 Reactor Way Reno, with special activities and refreshments.  Please plan to attend this evening event (6:00-7:30 pm) and support Rotary and our 3 Rotarians who are a part of HSI.
 WE NEED HELP AT THE WELCOME TABLE for future meetings - please jump in.
Sign-ups for March and April are:
03/05 - Open
03/12 - N/A Discovery Museum Tour
03/19 - Open
03/26 - Open
04/02 - Open
04/09 - Open
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