June 20, 2022
 Program June 21
Bill Hauk,  
Truckee Meadows Water Authority
Due to a technology snafu, Bill was unable to present the latest data on upstream drought reserves, projections for Truckee River flows and how all that relates to our community’s water supply. We hope to reschedule him for next month on the 21st.  Stay tuned!
Press Clewe shared his largess in honor of his birthday (Flag Day) and his long and happy marriage.
August 6, Annual Reno South Rotary Picnic at Burnt Cedar Beach in Incline Village.  Bring your appetite and good humor to our semi-potluck (BBQ ribs, shrimp as the main course).  Come early and enjoy the beach, food served at approximately 4 p.m.  Kent would appreciate help with this annual event.  Please let him, Tori or Press know if you would like to help Kent and the Club.
Sad RSR Reminder:  John Howe's Memorial service is Saturday, June 25, 10 a.m. at the Mountain View Mortuary.
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June 28 - Graduation Party!
 Atlantis, 12:15
We will celebrate a year of cooperation and success!  Many from both clubs have helped us survive and thrive--on Zoom, in person, with contributions of time, talent and treasure.  As we go our separate ways, hear from our past and future leadership and join in a very fun activity.
What's Ahead for RSR 
Beginning July 1, Reno South Rotary is going solo, returning to Thursday meetings at the Claim Jumper @4:15 p.m.  
July 7 - Meet the Tag Team!  Join us as Press and Tori begin their/our Rotary year in our new location, The Claim Jumper.
July 14 - Service - Site Visit to Robinhood Park - Gather at 4:15
July 21 - TBD
August 4 - Dark (picnic on Saturday)
August 6 -  Annual Reno South Rotary Picnic  
August 11 - Dark
August 18 -  TBD - Maybe attend the Truckee Meadows Beautiful "Raise the River" event?  Ideas welcome
Club Service
The Program Committee needs YOU!  Meet via Zoom to share ideas and contacts for speakers, programs, vocational tours/visits, and service projects small or large.  Let Tori or Press know if you want to help--it's fun, and you can contribute to RSR's success.  Good programs mean good attendance, which increases membership.
Support Rotary Clubs Opportunity
07/28 @ 6 p.m.: Mini Golf!  Reno Sunrise’s Fundraiser at Magic Carpet (Link to sign up:
How about a team or two?
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