News from the Meeting, April 9 via Zoom:
17 RSR members joined our Zoom Town Hall meeting!  
Prez Kyle led the meeting.  We spent time catching up...
Adam Heuer told us he was very busy working at home, as was 95% of his staff, but business was good.  Then he dropped a little bombshell, for which he "went to the bell"
Welcome to Reno South, Graham!  No one can doubt Adam's commitment to Reno South--he attended a club meeting shortly after the birth of his son!
Heidi Howe explained that the Girl Scouts are meeting virtually too., and that scouts can earn a "Social Distance Patch" virtually as well.  (And you can still buy Girl Scout cookies online.)
Burnell Reliford paid a fine to apologize to Jonnie by trying to giver her a hug in the grocery store parking lot--social distancing guys!!
Matt Buehler introduced us to his companion Guinness Stout (a dog, not a beer)
Kyle Whaley is quarantined for 2 weeks, having been exposed directly to someone with the virus.  He's loving doing everything by secure laptop at home...
Jonnie paid $25 to highlight that she cannot be called technologically challenged any more, since she hosted the Zoom meeting
Doug Rands is dealing with motions and injunctions from prisoners petitioning to be released due to the virus.
Bob Hardenbrook took a Zoom class in Decluttering Your Home.  Guess what he's been doing?
Masih Madoni is having virtual Boy Scout campouts with Diego
Joel Muller is working long hours due to market conditions.  He has information about the Cares Act and how it can assist businesses and individuals--call him if he can help. And he advises that when working at home the same time as your spouse, "don't bring a spatula to a knife fight..."
Alex Davis has a birthday! And an anniversary!  And surgery! He's not doing anything special except walking the dog--he's been immunocompromised since he exited the hospital, so social distancing is old hat to him.  He also advised that the Reno Rodeo is on hold for now.  Guess bull riding isn't Zoomable.
Important for us to know:
- We are looking for ideas for hands-on service projects to take place after we are able to reassemble with normal social distances!  Suggestions so far include Food Bank, tree planting, Robinhood Park maintenance.  Do YOU have an idea??  Please let Adrienne know: athomle@msn.com or 763.438.2327 (m)
NEXT MEETING IS APRIL 16 AT 12:30 P.M. VIA ZOOM.  Invitation and link will be sent before the meeting.
Note:  the area continues to have supply chain issues.  What IS it about toilet paper?
More about the meeting:
Adrienne Thomle is spending hours each week doing Board work for her national engineering professional organization.  And walking her dog.
RSR Upcoming Events & Programs:
We are having a virtual meeting on April 9 at 12:15 p.m.  As soon as we determine the platform we will use--you will know!  Please let President Kyle know if you want to participate, either by responding to his recent email "Are You Interested" or my sending him a note and greeting to kylewhaley@sbcglobal.net
ALL physical MEETINGS at the Atlantis ARE CANCELLED AT LEAST THROUGH APRIL 23.  Information about Thursty Thursday will be provided closer to the date.
Although the District conference has been cancelled, our Area 8 will have the speech and music contests later in April or May.  We will let you know--attending these events is inspiring.
We are evaluating how to continue with the Achievement Beyond Obstacles events. Students will receive applications and an opportunity to earn their $100 stipend.  More information will come as it is available.
Prez Kyle advised that Masih is working with the District International Committee on their web site, and will shadow Dan as RYE Counselor.  He is currently a Washoe County School District mentor as well. 
Dan Carne led us in the 4-Way Test to close the meeting.
Keeping in touch is important, so let Bob Stewart (rotarystewart@gmail.com) or Jonnie (jonnie.pullman@gmail.com) know of any news so we can put in in the bulletin, which will continue on at least a weekly basis.
 More Rotary News
Bob Stewart confirmed that our District Direct Funds was used as a partner to help pay for shipping "Soles for Souls" to Pakistan so kids can go to school  It is Fernley Club's international project.
Achievement Beyond Obstacles is completing the evaluation process with paper/electronic applications.  Hopefully we will be able to either have speeches by the scholarship winners or videos of them.  These kids are amazing!
Surviving with Grace
Burnell Reliford reminds up to reach outr to members we haven't heard from in a while.  He is available to help anyone by "walking them through" how to connect to Zoom so everyone can attend our meetings by Zoom until we are able to see each other in person!
The RGJ has a story on restaurants that are delivering or providing takeout:
Something to do - 25 Virtual Museum Tours and concerts:  https://www.smartertravel.com/virtual-tours-live-streams/
The World Health Organization is a good source of reliable information:
PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU NEED ANYTHING!!!!!  We are a family, after all.
Also, if you have resources or ideas to share that we could all use to survive this together, let Jonnie know to publish in the bulletin.  Especially when and where to get toilet paper, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes
NOTE:  If you have comments or suggestions, please email Jonnie Pullman  jonnie.pullman@gmail.com   
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