From the meeting May  21
Tom Wright, recently Fordham University's Felix E. Larkin Professor in Management, spoke about "Character Strength Profiles: the Many Benefits in Our Work and Play," beginning with a Booker T. Washington quote
Character, not circumstances, make the (wo)man"
Noting that character and personality are different, Dr. White encouraged us to think about our own character (which is measured in traits such as kindness, capacity to love, integrity, humility, fairness and critical thinking.)  He shared personal stories, including that of his father, who lost his job as President of a university for taking a principled stand.
Dr. White has a TED talk on YouTube entitled "Character Counts", which would be an excellent way to hear this great speaker if you missed him.  There were many questions, and the meeting almost went over our allotted time!
Also, Dr. White suggested that every morning before each of us start our day to think of 3 things you are grateful for, and SAY THEM OUT LOUD.  We all could benefit from this exercise in this frustrating and scary time.
Thank you Bob Hardenbrook, for arranging our speaker--you too can suggest or arrange a speaker.  Let Bob, Denny Williams or Jonnie know.
 More about the Meeting:
- Bob Hardenbrook was recognized ($60) for his and Roseann's 30th wedding anniversary and a recent (enjoyable!) camping trip 
- Adam and Kelsey Heuer celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary ($10)
- Adrienne Thomle celebrated her sister's negative COVID-19 test after she was seriously ill.
Elections for RSR 2020-21 Board of Directors will be sent via email.  Please send in your response as soon as you can.
Special thanks to Burnell Reliford for his technical skill in producing the Zoom meeting, Jonnie Pullman for creating the powerpoint and Bob Stewart for presiding.  It's a team effort--join the team...let us know what you can do...
Member Notes:
John Howe is doing well--already using a walker with his broken hip...
Emily Haustein, our RYE student from Vienna, Austria, is headed home June 18.  She will give us a presentation on her year on either June 4 or 11.  But in the meantime--give her a call, take her to the Lake, for a walk so that her last few weeks here are memorable for more than the virus!
President-Elect Bob Stewart has some interesting exercises to help us plan for the 2020-21 Rotary year, member engagement, and to learn from you what kinds of programs you all would like.
RSR Update for Events & Programs:
ALL physical MEETINGS at the Atlantis ARE CANCELLED  until the end of June.
June 4 - Dean Staviski, Dean of UNR School of Journalism will have information about how UNR is coping with COVID-19 and plans for classes and events with the fall semester.
June 11 - Speaker Pending
June 23 - RSR Board Meeting
June 25 - Prez Kyle's Demotion !!!!!!!!
August 1 - Annual RSR Picnic at Burnt Cedar Beach, lake Tahoe.
World Polio Day:  October 24, 2020.  Area 8 Clubs are working together to hold a joint event--put it on your calendar!
Scientists researching & testing the developing polio vaccine
Area 8 Foundation Dinner: November 20, Atlantis Resort and Casino.
Keeping in touch is important, so let Bob Stewart (rotarystewart@gmail.com) or Jonnie (jonnie.pullman@gmail.com) know of any news so we can put in in the bulletin, which will continue on at least a weekly basis.
Surviving with Grace
Burnell Reliford reminds up to reach out to members we haven't heard from in a while. 
Some Zoom info:  Burnell Reliford is available to help anyone by "walking them through" how to connect to Zoom so everyone can attend our meetings (by Zoom) until we are able to see each other in person!  Jonnie Pullman can hold an individual practice meeting to work through the video and audio. 
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