About the Meeting 02-02-2020:
Did you know our speaker, Reno Ace's General Manager Emily Jaenson, is in Wikipedia, and is on a baseball card?  
Emily explained that the fact that the Ace's and the stadium are here in Reno (instead of in Tucson) is a testament to the vision of former Mayor, Bob Cashell.  The stadium was built in only 5 months! 
As usual, there are innovations for the beginning of the 2020 baseball year.  Games start earlier--at 6:30 (yea!).  The stadium will be "green" with LED lighting.  And netting is up foul line to foul line to protect fans from those screaming foul balls.  There is a new fan venue in back of home plate.
Opening day is April 5 at 1:05 and opening night is April 10.  Get ready for AceBall!
More Meeting News
Sgt-at-Arms - Matt Thornton
Pledge of Allegiance - Adrienne Thomle
4-Way Test - Merve Hickok
Thought of the Day - Ann Potts
Welcome Table - Bob Stewart & Holly Bromley
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Sign-ups for February and March are:
02/27 - Open
03/05 - Open
RSR Upcoming Events & Programs:
On deck for  February 27:
Edward Estipona and Mikalee Byerman
"Just the Positive"
Mar 05 - Sabre Rubenstein on Healing Health Care. CAREVRx provides a fully immersive experience allowing patients to explore and interact with nature.
Mar 12 - Late afternoon meeting at the Discovery Museum.  Dark at noon. Meet at the museum no later than 4:00 pm
April 9 - Achievement Beyond Obstacles Lunch - Come meet some AMAZING students
Additional Activities & Announcements
March 18 (Wednesday).  Rotary Means Business convenes at High Sierra Industries, with special activities and refreshments.  Please plan to attend this evening event and support Rotary and our 3 Rotarians who are a part of HSI.
Fines & Recognitions
Pete Sanborn sold his home in Reno, and plans to move to Laguna Hills to be close to his 12 family members (including the grandkids)  He plans to spend time with RSR before he leaves.  Pete also announced that his immunotherapy is working, cancer is on the run!
Matt Thornton has been promoted at US Bank to a regional manager position.  He "gets to" travel more and be at Rotary more.  Congratulations, Matt!
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