About the Meeting Mar 3, 2020:
 Healing Healthcare Systems
(A scene from the C.A.R.E. Channel)
Anyone who has been in a hospital or visited someone in a hospital knows how stressful it can be!  Bustling in and out.  Ugly machines.  Loud noises.  For 28 years, local company Healing Healthcare has offered an alternative ambiance for patients by providing a 24-hour nature video/audio TV channel for viewing.
Shane Forster (SR. Engineer & Dir. of Technology), James Vinall (Dir. of Sales) and Ford Corl (Creative Director and C.A.R.E. Channel producer) explained the science behind their product and how images and music are produced.
Healing Healthcare's channel is used by more than 1,000 hospitals across the country because it contributes to restoration and recovery by providing an ambient relaxation environment.  It is also a tool in pain management.
All productions are edited and produced locally.  The company is now offering Virtual Reality (VR) versions using a headset.  360 degree views are more immersive and relaxing, and can be used during infusions, by those afraid of needles, burn victims and for guided imagery pain management.
Examples of the video and locally composed and produced music can be found at 
More Meeting News
Sgt-at-Arms - Adrienne Thomle
Pledge of Allegiance - Dan Carne
4-Way Test - Jonnie Pullman
Welcome Table - Bob Stewart
Thought for the Day:
Have you let us know you are coming???  Arrive at the Discovery Museum between 3:30 and 4.  Introduction and tour begins at 4.  Participate in Mindbender Mansion and more.  Let the front desk know you are with Rotary, and they will let you in without charge.
After the tour and questions, those who wish to continue fellowship will gather at SizzlePie pizza, 2 blocks north on Center Street.
RSR Upcoming Events & Programs:
March 19 - REGL/RYLA/RYE Students share their experiences through participation in these Rotary Youth Programs.  Come and meet these great students.
March 26 - Dr. Bill Andrews of Sierra Sciences
April 02 - Music Contest (tentative)
April 9 - Achievement Beyond Obstacles Luncheon - Come meet some AMAZING students. Hear their stories of overcoming difficult obstacles and their plans for the future.
April 16 - Laura Thorwarth, Regional Coordinator, U.S. Census Outreach
Additional Activities & Announcements
March 18 (Wednesday).  Rotary Means Business convenes at High Sierra Industries - 555 Reactor Way Reno, with special activities and refreshments.  Please plan to attend this evening event (6:00-7:30 pm) and support Rotary and our 3 Rotarians who are a part of HSI.
 WE NEED HELP AT THE WELCOME TABLE for future meetings - please jump in.
Even More about the Meeting:
Kate Nickolls celebrated her birthday on 2/28, and her gift from friends was a cake on fire from too many candles...
Stan Goodin celebrated his birthday in January and contributed $75 for an archery deer hunt in Kansas.
at the discovery museum
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