Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Robert Watson Mar 28, 2019
Funcitional Medicine, an introduction to the future of medicine

The focus and purpose of FM is to get to the root of poor health or disease instead of simply dispensing a medication.  Medications will often suppress the symptoms of disease, but do not restore the natural balance and physiology of the body. As a result of restoring that balance, the need for medications is eliminated and true quality health is restored.  As a beneficial consequence, one can expect the absence of side effects, better quality of life, and extended health and life spans


Jim Ishoy Apr 04, 2019
Myths of Leadership
Music Contest Apr 11, 2019
High school students from Galena High will compete in the annual RSR Music Contest
Noreen Leary Apr 18, 2019
Veterans Guest House
ABO Scholarship Luncheon Apr 25, 2019
Students enrolled in the Achievement Beyond Obstacles Scholarship Program will deliver their "talks"
Heidi Kiene - Founder I Am Zambia May 02, 2019
Inspirational story about a Zambian girls school lifting young women out of poverty

Empower Zambian girls to be gainfully employed

Prepare girls for secondary education

Train girls to become entrepreneurs

Spread love everywhere


Sarah Johns- Blockchains LLC May 09, 2019
Learn about blockchain technology and the company's ambitious plans
Dr. Sudeep Chandra and Dr. Robert Chudnow May 23, 2019
Restoration of Mongolian aquatic ecosystems
Dark May 30, 2019
Thirsty Thursday
Dana Bennett - President of the Nevada Mining Asso Jun 20, 2019
Update on mining in Nevada